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Livingston’s Honor Truck  – Salute to local law enforcement

The Livingston’s family has long looked for opportunities to utilize our “rolling billboards” in a way that celebrates and recognizes our great community. Founded on the motto, “The Good Service Company” over 70 years ago, Livingston’s Concrete strives to provide that service, outside of our daily routine, and reach those who make our community what…

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Nor Cal Walks for Water

On October 17th we will be participating in a walk-a-thon. This is the 4th year we have asked many of you for a contribution. And because I do not give up easily I will ask again. It looks like the weather will be perfect. I would love to have you join us at the walk…

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100 Days Injury Free

Livingston’s Concrete is proud to announce that we have reached 100 days injury free. And would like to Thank all of our employees and our customers for practicing a safe work environment.

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