Livingston’s Honor Truck  – Salute to local law enforcement

The Livingston’s family has long looked for opportunities to utilize our “rolling billboards” in a way that celebrates and recognizes our great community. Founded on the motto, “The Good Service Company” over 70 years ago, Livingston’s Concrete strives to provide that service, outside of our daily routine, and reach those who make our community what it is.

Today, as the world faces challenges and uncertainties of the COVID-19 Virus, one certainty that we all witness firsthand is how local law enforcement, and our emergency responders, work tirelessly together to serve the public. In these times of great unrest, they display courage, and provide stability to our community. And while there is great fear, there is also great hope, and the decision has been made to proudly display our gratitude, honor and respect, for those that serve our city, state and country. What better way to measure our impact of “good service”, then to look to those who serve us in such a tangible and meaningful way.

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