historyThe history of Edith and Vincent Livingston is long with the value of hard work…

Edith was born in Napa County and was the oldest of 9 children. When the family moved to San Luis Obispo County, she worked the family ranch with her father, raising turkeys and bees, and hauling fruit. As a young girl, it was not uncommon for her to direct the men who worked for her father. When she was 18, she moved to Sacramento to live with her Uncle and Aunt. In Sacramento, she attended college and eventually met Vincent.

old_dispatchVince was born in Sacramento, CA, the oldest of 7 children. During the depression, and before he was a teen, Vince began riding with long line truck drivers over the Grapevine into Southern California. The job brought needed money and meant one less mouth to feed at his home.

After marriage, Vince expressed his desire to purchase a ready mix truck, and like many men and women of the time, he kept his day job with Sacramento Rock and Sand. Mom would take orders during the week. Dad would deliver the concrete from their 2-yard mixer for Saturday-only deliveries.

Though the company has grown, and has entered its fourth transition of leadership, the goal remains the same…to provide excellent customer service, maintaining the slogan & goal from those early years to be… “The Good Service Company”.