About Us

Livingston’s Concrete is family-owned and operated. The company was founded in 1946 by Vincent and Edith Livingston. Today the company is still guided by family members…

Patricia L. Henley has been employed with the company since 1974. She became Vice President in 1991. Patti focused on the communication needs of the company and has lead LCS through upgrades to several major computer systems, including material handling, batching and accounting. She was named President in 2005 and CEO in 2015.

Shannon Russi the youngest daughter of Patti and Ted Henley was first introduced to LCS as a baby, when Patti set a playpen for the baby next to her desk. Like all family members, Shannon began working with the company during school vacations and working part time in the office.  Shannon started full time in the dispatch office, then the accounting department.  After working in Accounts Payable, Shannon is now the Director of Administration and also serves as Acting Secretary for the Board of Directors.

Karen Feiling is the oldest daughter of Patti and Ted Henley and began working for Livingston’s in May of 2012. She began working in dispatch as an order taker, but currently is working in the accounting department.

Joe Russi was hired in June of 2002. Joe was hired as a laborer, he was promoted to driver, plant operator shortly after that, then Operations Manager and is son-in-law of Patti and Ted Henley.  Now in 2021 Joe is the President of Livingston’s Concrete.

James Feiling started in the dispatch office for Livingston’s in 2003 then promoted to the Dispatch Manager. After 10 years of managing the dispatch office, James moved into an IT / Process Management position and is son-in-law of Patti and Ted Henley.  Now in 2021 James is the Director of Sales & Support for Livingston’s Concrete.

Retired Key Leaders

Vincent V. Livingston retired in 1972 after serving Livingston’s for 26 years.

Edith M. Livingston retired 1978 although she did not serve as President, she faithfully served the company, vendors, employees, and customers from 1946 until well beyond her retirement.

Richard G. Livingston retired in 1998 after serving LCS for 41 years, 17 as company President.

Michael J. Livingston was first employed by Livingston’s in 1966 and served as President from 1989 to 2005. During his tenure as company President, he steered the company through structural change, recessions and dramatic growth, including an increase in the size of the company’s fleet of ready-mix trucks from 28 to 75. Mike’s leadership and vision helped the company expand its service area into El Dorado, Placer and Yuba counties.

Larry L. Livingston, like all of the Livingston children, began working part-time at the company as soon as he was able. He joined the company full-time in 1973. Larry started as a laborer, served as a plant operator, sales representative and collections manager. Currently, Larry is involved with the Livingston’s Family Partnership.

Ted W. Henley started working for LCS in high school, but left the company to work with a custom home-builder shortly after getting married. After 17 years in the trades, he returned to Livingston’s in 1992. He began as a driver, but soon was promoted to batch operator and, in 1998, to Operations Manager. In 2005 he was promoted to Vice President.

Many of our management staff and line-level employees are professionally trained and certified technicians or are accredited by the American Concrete Institute. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we encourage field personnel to creatively meet individual challenges on-site, thereby avoiding the need for later “fixes” or rework.